Why a vitamine B12 nasal spray?

Addictive and just for vegans?

You may have seen them pass by a few times; the vitamin B12 nasal spray. “What do you mean a nasal spray? I don’t have a cold, do you?” ”And by the way, nasal sprays are addictive, that’s not what you want!”

Not quite … A vitamin B12 nasal spray is a vitamin supplement and has nothing to do with a nasal spray that you would use for a cold. Pronofit has developed the first vitamin B12 nasal spray with the latest technology. We looked into it and found the following benefits for supplementing via a nasal spray!

The nose is great for absorption

The nose is a well-blooded surface that allows certain substances that you administer through the nose to be absorbed quickly and efficiently.[1] Especially for vitamin B12, this is good because you bypass the gastrointestinal tract (which is often the cause of a deficiency). Among other things, the amount of intrinsic factor (IF) in the stomach, the amount of stomach acid you make and the digestibility of the intestines all influence how well your body can absorb vitamin B12. If one of those factors is not optimal, it may be that the vitamin pill that you take has hardly any effect on the vitamin B12 status in your body.

A nasal spray is easy and effective

The B12 enters the bloodstream quickly and efficiently via the nose, after which it can be spread throughout the body. One spray and you’re done! No injections at the doctor, no pills that you have to swallow or suck up. Comes in handy for kids.

Safe dosing

A surplus of vitamin B12 can be excreted easily and safely by the body through the urine. If you eat vegetarian or vegan, or if you are over 50 years old, you want to spray once a week up to every day. How often depends on each person and is related to whether you want to maintain the B12 level or whether it is necessary to increase it. To find out, you can have your blood levels tested. For example through the doctor or through a home test. Nice to know; supplementing too much is not possible. We use the nasal spray ourselves almost daily.

Who needs this?

  • People who eat a plantbased diet.
  • People over 50 years of age (intrinsic factor production in the stomach decreases with age).
  • People who want to consciously improve their health.

Note: a shortage occurs very gradually, the symptoms do not stand out quickly, but damage due to a shortage can be permanent. Absorption is more important than intake, so people who regularly eat animal products do not automatically have a good vitamin B12 status in the body. When you follow the Your 50 Days of Green Happiness program you get an incredible amount of nutrients and at the same time we work on improving the absorption of vitamins through the intestines. You hardly get B12 through plant-based foods so it is always wise to supplement this.


Because we always get a lot of questions about vitamin B12 and people want to know what the best supplements are, we have added the vitamin B12 nasal spray to our webshop. If you want to do a blood test to check your status, you can get a 25, – euro discount on a test via the code PRONOFIT25 www.bloedwaardentest.nl.

[1] S. Bahadur, K. Pathak (2012) Physicochemical and physiologicalconsiderations for efficient nose-to-brain targeting, Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery, 9:1, 19-31.

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