The Daily Nectar


All-in-one beauty drink that turns the beauty routine inside out.


Feel and look your best with our unique 3-in-1 blend with vitamins, superfoods and natural collagen boosters.

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Liquid food supplement
Size: 4 x 105 ml, 4-weeks supply
Flavour: cranberry-cassis




✔ Results that you can see and feel.

✔ 3-in-1: Simplify your supplement routine.

✔ Feel more energetic.

✔ Boost collagen production for visibly firmer, more radiant skin after 4-6 weeks.

Product details

Use our supplement for: A wholesome boost for skin, body and well-being. The Daily Nectar supports your body with a unique formula that includes your daily multivitamins, a powerful superfood boost and skin-loving ingredients.

Quality guarantee

The Daily Nectar is produced in Europe under the highest standards. It is the result of 3 years of Research & Development with the help of leading medical scientists, nutritionists and beauty experts across the United States and Europe. Each active ingredient is scientifically researched for its efficacy and safety and is carefully sourced. The Daily Nectar is a natural product, free of artifical preservatives. It is vegetarian, cruelty-free and eco-friendly (plastic-free packaging).

What are the ingredients?

The Daily Nectar liquid supplement is a blend of multivitamins (Vitamin A, B-complex, C, E and D), superfoods (Acerola, Blueberry Powder, Hibiscus Extract and Maca Powder Extract) and skin-loving ingredients (Astaxanthin, Hyaluronic acid). View the full list of ingredients here.

How long should I take The Daily Nectar?

The Daily Nectar is intended for long-term use, but you can also take it as an occasional boost when you feel your body needs an extra kick. Skin benefits: The ingredients in the Daily Nectar stimulate the natural production of collagen and generally take effect in 4-6 weeks. Users of The Daily Nectar report the best results after 3 to 4 months of daily usage.

Our monthly subscription service

Why decide for our carefree monthly subscription service?

✔ Save 15% every month.
✔ Skip orders any time.
✔ Cancellation possible at any time (no longterm contract).
✔ Free shipping Europe-wide.
✔ Free measuring glass with your first delivery.

How to use

Simply add 15 ml of The Daily Nectar per day to smoothies, juices, water etc. Ideally with breakfast. Alternatively, it can be taken straight. Shake well before use.


The Sweet Rumour subscription service always includes free shipping in the whole of Europe.
Shipping costs for a single order:

  • The Netherlands: Free shipping
  • Rest of Europe and UK: €3.95


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