Must-watch films that make you think different about meat

by Tessa Moorman

Movie time!

These days we swap our TV more and more for YouTube and Netflix. We want to decide for ourselves when and what we like to watch. It’s like we are becoming more conscious, of everything. We want to know where our food comes from, what it does to our bodies and the impact it has on our environment. But also conscious about other things, like where do we come from, what’s the meaning of life, how does life work? We are so happy we’ve got internet! Where we can find information now about almost anything we find interesting. But with so many choices, what dó we want to watch?

Well, we’ve got some nice tips for you! We do get the question oftentimes whether we know some interesting films or documentaries. Yes we do! A lot  It’s not like we never watch rom coms (definitely guilty), but we love eating a bowl of popcorn just as much while watching a good documentary. So we’ve made a list for you with our favorites.

A list of great films about sustainable living, the power of our thoughts, minimalism and the fashion industry can be found here.

Best films that make you think different about meat

You do realize that eating plant based might have certain advantages but you’re not sure why exactly or you like more information about that topic? Or isn’t it you, but do you like to inspire the people around you to put more plants on the menu? We put together a list of films, documentaries and video’s that inspired us. From animation films and documentaries to short video’s and TED talks. Here you go:

Best Speech You Will Ever Hear – Gary Yourofsky (2010)

No fancy film, but back in the classroom with ‘just’ a 70 minute talk from Gary Yourofsky. One that we listened to fascinated for the full duration. It places things in a whole different perspective, like exploiting animals for our pleasure for example. It might challenge your belief system, but it’s definitely worth watching!

Carnisme – TED Talk van Melanie Joy (2015)

Ever heard of carnism before? We didn’t either before this talk. Melanie Joy, psychologist and sociologist, makes you aware of the subconscious choices we make every day. Why do we eat pigs and don’t even find it sad, while we can’t imagine ourselves eating a dog? This TED talk is only 18 minutes, so easy to watch.

The Change Starts (2019)

A Dutch film of just one minute! An inspiration that shows that being strong, performing at the highest level and feeling your best go hand in hand with eating plantbased food. No excuses, you want to make time for this minute.

Gamechangers (2018)

A revolutionary film about meat, proteins and strength. With Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lewis Hamilton, among others. These top athletes show in an inspiring way that the way we thought about proteins and food in the sports world is old-fashioned. An eye-opener for anyone who still eats lots of yoghurt and chicken after a workout in order to get protein in.

But it’s vegan (2017)

Vegan and healthy is oftentimes used in one sentence, but is it the same? Are burgers, fries and cookies healthier as long as they doesn’t contain any animal products? A group of students put the pudding to the test! They find out the difference between a vegan junk food diet and a whole foods plant based diet. This one is especially for the vegan junk food junkies!

Earthlings (2005)

Do you dare to watch? We cried watching this film! But how come we do want that perfect filleted, marinated and roasted piece of meat or fish but we don’t want to see what happened before? With hidden cameras you get a peek of what’s going on behind the walls of the meat industry. On the other side this movie shows us how beautiful nature and the world around us really is. This was one of the first films that made us think differently about the food on our plate.

Forks over Knives (2011)

Can we really influence our health by what we choose to eat? It almost seems like we just have to accept the fact that we put on more bodyweight, face coronary heart disease, cancer or have to take prescription drugs when we get older. Could that be changed by eating less animal products and processed foods? This documentary shows findings of the well known nutrition scientists Dr. T. Campbell and Dr. C Esselstyn.

Vegucated (2011)

Vegan? Don’t be crazy! That’s not healthy at all and why wouldn’t you eat eggs anymore? That’s what we thought when we heard of veganism the first time. Likewise was the reaction from the three Americans in this film. They find out that a diet without meat and cheese can actually be delicious, but they also become aware of the cruelties in the meat and dairy industry.

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014)

A film (funded through crowdfunding) about the impact of our eating habits on the world and the environment. When you haven’t seen this film, turn on your laptop real quick! Even when you’re not going to eat a 100% plant based diet, this film shows you the enormous impact you already have with one fully plant based meal!

What The Health (2017)

From the makers of Cowspiracy. This film shines a light on the impact of nutrition on your health. And it shows how politics and economic interests influence our nutrition advice and food choices.

Okja (2017)

An animation movie but one with a deeper message. You get a glimpse of the cruelties behind the meat industry without the shocking images you’d see in a documentary. You can find this one on Netflix! – Dr Michael Greger

Do you find scientific researches super interesting and important but don’t feel like searching on Pubmed the whole time? Dr Greger and his team do it for you! They’re on top of all the latest research that’s published around health and nutrition and they make those video’s for you so you don’t have to read a thing.


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