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Yes, you have arrived on the page about the life-changing 50-day program! Not only will you find a summer and a winter program here, we also share advice and information in the books that help you understand what food does to your body.

What can you expect from Your 50 Days book?

Our mission is to give you a simple but effective way to feel as good as possible! With these two books you learn strategies and tools that you can continue to benefit throughout your life.

Headache, bloating, little energy, pimples, breaking nails, thinning hair … Our body has different signals to indicate that the fuel you give it does not make it happy. How do you recognize those signals and what do you eat? You can learn all that in Your 50 Days of Green Happiness!

Whether you are looking for tips for a summer BBQ, winter sports or cold days in front of the fireplace. Whether you are just pregnant, have restless skin, want to lose weight, are exercising fanatically or the afternoon dip is really tired; we’ve got you covered! With practical tips, extensive information and handy checklists to see how you are doing. With the 2×50 daily menus you will really experience what food does to you.

Your 50 Days winteredition

  • 50 complete and easy daily menus;
  • More than 480 pages;
  • Weekly shopping lists;
  • More than 200 plant-based recipes;
  • Nice info about what nutrition does to your body;
  • Recipes for, among other things, the holidays, snacks, athletes and children’s treats;
  • Including bakery special with fingerlicking good, guilt-free creations;
  • With complete Christmas menu;
  • Including nutritional calculations per dish and per day;
  • With a double reading ribbon and hard cover.

Your 50 Days summer edition

  • 50 complete and easy daily menus;
  • More than 320 pages;
  • Weekly shopping lists;
  • More than 170 plant-based recipes;
  • Recipes for bbq, workouts, kids and cravings, among other things;
  • Information about the best nutrition for sports, pregnancy and especially for men;
  • Diet, Health, Toxin and Beauty checklists;
  • With special Beach-Body Detox week.
  • Including nutritional calculations per dish and per day;
  • With a double reading ribbon and hard cover;

Bundle me up

To guarantee success in the winter and in the summer, we have created this package deal. With no fewer than 800 (!) Pages of Green Happiness and more than 100 daily menus to choose from. Available in a limited edition for 89.95 euros.

Will this nutrition plan work for me?

Thousands of women and men have already achieved success with our program! It are not only daily menus, but also many individual recipes and the information that makes you an expert on nutrition and your own body. The books are so flexible that you can adapt them to your individual needs and situation with easy-to-follow guidelines that will help you achieve your goals.

  • Give your immune system a boost
  • Reach or maintain your ideal weight
  • Increase your energy level
  • Learn to tackle food cravings
  • Learn what influence nutrition can have on your health and appearance
  • Calculate your personal energy and protein needs
  • Take care of afternoon dips, bloating or gas
  • Discover new ways of eating and cooking
  • Make your own finger licking, guilt free snacks
  • Suitable for a gluten-free, lactose-free or sugar-free diet
  • Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, but also for flexitarians with options for the use of meat and fish.

All dishes are able to make you happier, healthier, more energetic, fitter and more sexy! We cannot wait until we receive the first email, in which you tell us that you feel very happy and healthy!

Healthy eating boring? Think again! In Your 50 Days of Green Happiness you can start the day with pancakes, find tiramisu for dessert and eat lasagna or sushi burgers in the evening. All recipes are made from fresh, unprocessed vegetable products with options for adding meat or fish. Easy to follow gluten-free and completely lactose-free.

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