Stuffed paprika monsters

by Merel & Tessa

Hello Frankenstein Monsters

Planning for Halloween or a children’s party (or just an adult party)? Of course you can make normal stuffed peppers but how scary are those Jack O ’Lanterns and Monsters from Frankenstein!

But even if it isn’t for Halloween you can stuff your peppers! You can also use other vegetables, such as zucchini pieces or tomatoes. Hollow out the vegetables and use that filling through the mixture with which you then fill the veggies again. Also extra nice if you have guests or to take with you for a potluck dinner.

Fun for the kids, but just as fun for adults!

Instead of quinoa you can also choose couscous or bulger. Please note, these are not gluten-free, but they are ready super quick. Look for peppers with a fairly blunt bottom so they can stand on their own. Or carefully slice a piece off the bottom.

Stuffed paprika monsters

Hello Frankenstein Monsters Planning for Halloween or a children’s party (or just an adult party)? Of course you can make normal stuffed… Recipes halloween European Print
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  • 200 g quinoa
  • 200 g gekookte zwarte bonen
  • 1 el olijfolie
  • 2 tomaten
  • 1 blikje mais
  • 1 rode ui
  • 1 limoen
  • handje verse peterselie
  • 1 groentebouillonblokje
  • 1/2 tl komijnzaad
  • 2 tl chilipoeder
  • 1 tl knoflookpoeder
  • 2 oranje paprika's en 2 groene paprika's


1. If you want to serve the peppers warm, pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees. We served the peppers cold because they then retain their shape.

2. Bring the quinoa to the boil in plenty of water with a vegetable stock cube.

3. Chop the red onion and fry with a little olive oil in a frying pan.

4. Cut the tomato into small cubes. Rinse the corn and black beans well with water. Then fry the tomato, corn and black beans with the onion. Add the cumin, garlic powder and chili powder to the vegetables in the frying pan and simmer on a low heat.

5. Cut open the orange bell pepper at the top so that you get a "pan" and a "lid." Cut the bell pepper so that the "lid" has a serrated edge. Remove the seeds from all peppers so that a large hollow space is created in which the mixture can be put. Cut eyes and a mouth out of the bell pepper's wall.

6. Drain the quinoa and mix in the vegetable mixture in the pan. Cut the lime in half and squeeze the lime juice over the mixture. Finely chop the parsley and add to the mixture.

7. Fill the peppers with the quinoa mixture. Put the lid on and bake the bell peppers in the oven for another 10 minutes or serve with the remaining quinoa mixture.


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