Shakti Mat Original – Black

Shakti Mat Black

Shakti Mat Original - Black

Curious about acupressure? This is a great place to start! The Shakti Originals are your ticket to a deep and restorative acupressure session. Designed for massage therapy to effectively target deep tissue and melt away tension. After a few teething sessions you’ll understand why it “hurts so good”.
29in Length | 16in Width | 1in Height


Everlasting spikes - powerful and effective results

Clipped acu-discs - no unnecessary glues or chemicals

Added length - maximum body reach

Organic cotton & dyes - planet and skin-friendly

Handmade - prioritizing detail and quality

Crafted in India - the birthplace of acupressure

Don't take our word for it,
take our customers!

I am someone who is always tight in my neck and shoulders. After using my Shakti Mat a few times for just 20 minutes each time, I can feel the difference in my neck and shoulders! This is a great investment!
Thomas M
At first, I was skeptical of laying on a mat of spikes. It wasn't my idea of relaxing. But a mate kept raving about his, so I got one. I love it so much, that I take less clothes when I travel, so that I can bring my Shakti Mat!
Dylan B
I have used the Shakti Mat everyday for the last two months and will continue as it is very addictive! I look forward to my meditation time with the acupressure and it has helped get into a deeper consciousness.
Raymond J

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