Rock Your Body

The 28 Day Challenge that will

reshape your body,

boost your energy

& save our planet.

For this book we teamed up with Rock Your Body Trainer Jeroen Krak and asked him his shirt of his muscular body to incorporate all his knowledge about sport into this book. In addition to a whole range of workout information, tips and workout videos (recorded on Ibiza) where you can train with us and krakkie, this book is also full of nutritional information and new healthy recipes. From healthy smoothies, shakes and evening meals to sweet snacks (slice of raspberry-coconut cake, anyone?). Tighter in your skin does not have to be boring at all. But if you know us a little, you already knew that of course!

  • 40+ new recipes.
  • 100% vegetable, gluten-free and lactose-free.
  • 20+ workout videos.
  • Professional sports coaching, from beginner to pro.
  • Detailed information about healthy food.
  • Tips from inspiring experts.
  • 28 Day Challenge as a poster with workouts and daily menus.
  • All nutritional values ​​per dish and per portion.
  • Tables for calculating your personal energy and protein needs.
  • A hard cover and bookmark.

Whether you want to feel tighter, take better care of yourself, eat more plant-based foods or exercise more: this book will help you.

“I always thought that food was all-important. Until I started exercising. And not just exercising, but getting started with Krakkie (Rock Your Body trainer). I feel so much more powerful, in life but also as a mother because my body is so much stronger and can have much more. I have lots of energy, I have become so much tighter and I feel super fit. A real fit mommy, and I am so grateful for that. “

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