The villa has room for 10 guests. With dreamy rooms with double bed and with single beds. View of the beautiful garden and with shared or ensuite bathroom. With a lovely garden, double swimming pool and spacious living room with fireplace to completely relax.

What does your ideal get away look like?

Imagine that ... and now add 10 scoops on top! Allow yourself to be overloaded for a week with delicious healthy food and fun activities in a beautiful, relaxing environment. After this week you will feel completely reborn and you are ready to continue healthy at home.

Plant-Based Kitchen
The Green Happiness Edition
Let's Get Sweaty
Rock Your Body Edition
The Green Happiness Edition
Stress Release
& Breathe Work

During your time in our retreat you will soon notice our passion for good food. The most delicious plant-based dishes are cooked for you with the greatest care. As much as possible with local ingredients from the island. Food that makes you feel good. All our recipes are plant-based, gluten-free and free from refined sugars.

Sit back and relax

Great food, good exercise, into nature, learn more during workshops and time to relax. We have carefully compiled a program to inspire you. Everything is taken care of for you but nothing is required. Dive in, learn, relax & enjoy. This is your week!

LAST MINUTE Plant-based kitchen – 8 tot 14 December 2019
LAST MINUTE Detox – 5 tot 11 January 2020 FULLY BOOKED
LAST MINUTE Plant-based kitchen – 12 tot 18 January 2020
Plant-based kitchen – 1 tot 7 March 2020
Plant-based kitchen – 15 tot 21 maart 2020 FULLY BOOKED
Let’s get sweaty (Rock Your Body edition) – 5 tot 11 april 2020
Detox – 19 tot 25 april 2020
Let’s get sweaty (Rock Your Body edition) – 3 tot 9 mei FULLY BOOKED
Stress release – 10 tot 16 mei 2020

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