Must-watch films for the conscious mind

by Merel & Tessa

Movie time

These days we swap our TV more and more for YouTube and Netflix. We want to decide for ourselves when and what we like to watch. It’s like we are becoming more conscious, of everything. We want to know where our food comes from, what it does to our bodies and the impact it has on our environment. But also conscious about other things, like where do we come from, what’s the meaning of life, how does life work? We are so happy we’ve got internet! Where we can find information now about almost anything we find interesting. But with so many choices, what dó we want to watch? Well, we’ve got some nice tips for you! We do get the question oftentimes whether we know some interesting films or documentaries. Yes we do! A lot  It’s not like we never watch rom coms (definitely guilty), but we love eating a bowl of popcorn just as much while watching a good documentary. So we’ve made a list for you with our favorites.

This list is not about food, but definitely worth watching when you want to become more conscious about how you live and what you consume. For films about veganism and the meat industry, go here.

A Plastic Ocean

Plastic stays in our environment, forever. But what happens with it, where does it go and what are the effects? Even though we already knew about the effects of plastic on our environment and our health, this film caused another eye-opening moment.

True Cost

A documentary that tells the story behind our fast fashion industry. We want our clothes to become cheaper and expect something new in stores every other month. But how much does it really cost to produce these clothes and what is the impact of this on the people who produces them?

What the bleeb do we know

When energy changes into matter and our thoughts are made of energy, could we change matter with our thoughts alone? What is reality, what is our perception? A film about quantum physics, spirituality and neurology. Definitely food for thought!


Could having less cause us to become happier? In this film you hear inspiring people about how they switched to a minimalism lifestyle. It caused us to be more mindful about what (and how much) we consume.


Are we all influenced by the image in the media about the perfect woman with the perfect body? Aren’t we pretty enough and good enough when our tummy isn’t completely flat or when we don’t have flawless skin? Even though we know that the girl on the picture is photoshopped? The perfect film to rethink for yourself the (un)conscious thoughts you might have about yourself and your beauty.


A documentary about the power of the mind. Fascinating film with Joe Dispenza and Anthony William, among others. An inspiring film about the power of our thoughts. That there is much more than we can see with our eyes or think with our mind. But that does not mean that it is not there. After seeing this document you’ll think twice before you think …


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