Easy guide: kitchen tools

by Merel & Tessa

A juicer, blender, kitchenaid or only a hand blender?

There you are in front of the kitchen appliances with your healthy intentions. Do you now need a (slow) juicer or a blender? Or is a hand blender also possible? And what is the difference between the cheap one and the expensive one?We use kitchen tools for so many recipes so over the years we got to review quite a few. Through experience we found out which one work and which don’t. Where you can be fine with a cheap one and what the benefits are to invest some more money. To answer your questions we share our experiences and our favorite blenders! Hopefully it helps you to make a choice that suits you.


If you are going for a juicer, choose a slow juicer. Because this machine squeezes very slowly, you not only get much more juice from your fruit and vegetables, but you also retain more nutrients than with a regular juicer.

Juices and smoothies are both super healthy. A smoothie made in the blender is more like a liquid meal. All fibers remain in it while in a juice the fibers are removed and you drink only the pure juice. Fiber is important for good bowel function, to slow down the glucose absorption from the fruits in your smoothie and the fibers ensure that a smoothie oxidizes less quickly than a juice. The only thing with a juice is that you can juice a lot more fruit and veggies than in a smoothie. A juicer is very good for vegetable juice! Keep in mind when you make only fruit juices it’s easy to get too much sugar and calories in.


Choose a blender with a powerful motor and a sturdy jug. With a hand blender you can also go a long way, but especially when you want to make smoothies and soups regularly, a blender is very nice. The absolute top among the blenders is the high-speed blender. This has such a powerful motor that you get super smooth smoothies or soups in no time (think 1.5 minutes). The engine is so powerful that with blending cold, raw ingredients in 6 minutes you make a lukewarm (raw) soup and you can grind nuts and dates more easily. It even better extrate the cells of the plants so that nutrients can reach your blood and cells faster. The price for a high-speed blender is higher and is therefore especially worthwhile if you use it regularly. We use the Bianco di Puro blender and the Nutribullet blender ourselves and we absolutely love it.


A food processor is especially nice for coarse, dry ingredients. Think of grinding ingredients for burgers or a pie base like oatmeal, dates and sun-dried tomatoes. This is also possible in the blender, but a bit more difficult. On the high-speed blender we have a special jug with which this can be done super fast.

More expensive is better?

Invest in a good device! They are often more expensive, but then you can enjoy them much longer. We’re certain thay you’ll be hooked after blending up some delicious smoothies. When it blends smoother smoothies and soups you’re much more likely to use it more often. Definitely making your healthy lifestyle easier to maintain. We can tell you from experience that a cheap blender may seem like a good idea in the beginning, but when it breaks down after a few times or it takes you ages to get a smoothie of soup smooth… It will save you a lot of frustrated moments. Our favorite blenders that we can heartily recommend can be found in the shop.


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