by Rianne

The Green Happiness

7 Day Detox Plan

Looking for a reset for your body and a kickstart for a healthier diet?
Then this is your program!

Choose your detox program

Online program + e-book for 19,95

Online program + hardcopy book for 29,95

Because of the detox program I have les need for sugar and more energy!


It is great to feel the results of one week healthy lifestyle so quickly.


The detox program is my kickstart to a healthier lifestyle!



  • Increase in energy;
  • A flatter stomach;
  • Better concentration and focus;
  • Reduction of allergies;
  • Emotionally better balanced;
  • Better functioning of the liver and kidneys;
  • More beautiful and radiant skin;
  • Less appetite for sugar, salt and other unhealthy foods;
  • An easier start to a healthy (er) lifestyle.

On the menu?
Little Apple Cake, Chocolate Surprise Toffees, Powerful Berry Smoothie and lots more.

Including 3 day Juice Cleanse e-book

What's included?

  • Learn how to detox safely and healthily;
  • Learn what happens during a detox;
  • Balanced weekly menu;
  • Light meals, filling smoothies, warm soups and healthy snacks;
  • Shopping lists;
  • 35+ recipes;
  • Extra motivation and tips for during your detox days;
  • BONUS: Online Juice Special;
  • BONUS: 35 recipe videos;
  • BONUS: 21 information and motivation videos.

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