Daily Detox Tips: Toxic Load

by Merel & Tessa

Are you still gonna eat chiaseeds after this?

Following a detox plan is great. Unless it is in a healthy way, it can be a perfect kickstart to a healthier eating pattern and a good way to get rid of accumulated waste products. But how do you maintain your body on a daily basis? Exhaust gases, cosmetic products, air fresheners, alcohol, not-so healthy meals. We cannot ignore it, we do get toxins in. How do you ensure that you can flush them out safely? In this series of 5 Daily Detox tips we share tools for an every day detox. To keep that wonderful clean energetic feeling after you followed a detox plan. Here comes number five.

Daily Detox Tip #5: Low toxic load

Instead of just supporting your body to remove toxins the best way possible, you can also start thinking about how you can get as little toxins in as possible. From the environment, exhaust fumes, pesticides, etc. we are surrounded by toxins on a daily basis, especially when we live in the city. When you drink water from plastic bottles, you also get some of that plastic inside of you. By eating canned foods, some of those metals also enter the meal. And then there are of course all kinds of cleaning products, skincare products and cosmetics which contain all kinds of chemical substances which can enter your body through the skin.

How many toxic substances are there in the products that you eat? The higher up the food chain, the more toxins are in the food. These toxins are stored in fat cells, the safest place for your body. Think of fish. Fish is hailed for its omega-3 fatty acids (essential fatty acids that are enormously important for our brains and keeping the skin supple). But in the oceans we now find so much plastic and heavy metals, which are also stored in the fat cells. So you get that in when you eat fish. Where does a fish get its omega from? From algae / seaweeds. We can also extract them from there! So when you supplement choose an algae oil instead of fish oil. And add some more chia & hemp seeds to your dishes.

The same story also applies to other animals, cows for example. Just like with us, a cow receives all kinds of toxins from the environment, from its food, from the physical digestion processes. Where does a cow get its proteins from? From plants! And we can do that too. The lower in the food chain we eat, the lower the toxic load. That also means that our bodies can process it more easily and the more the kidneys and liver are spared. This way more energy can be released and more energy can go to your beauty!

We snappen dat je na deze vijf tips weer enorm geïnspireerd bent geraakt om écht wat groener te gaan eten. Maar weet je even niet waar je moet beginnen of ben je bang dat je na een paar weken de inspiratie al weer kwijt bent? No worries, wij gaan je helpen! Op deze website vind je al veel informatie, maar ben je écht serieus over jouw eetpatroon aanpassen bekijk dan de 50 Days of Green Happiness boeken.

We understand when after these five tips you have become enormously inspired to eat a little greener. But don’t you know where to start or are you afraid that you will lose the inspiration after a few weeks? No worries, we are going to help you! You will find a lot of information on this website, but if you are really serious about adjusting your eating habits, then have a look at our 50 Days of Green Happiness programs.

Follow our 7 day detox program with light meals, filling smoothies, warm soups and healthy snacks. The perfect kickstart to a healthier eating pattern and the way to safely remove waste while getting a maximum amount of new vitamins and minerals.


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