Merel & Tessa present

The Green Happiness

We want to inspire you to eat more consciously and thereby make you feel more energetic, radiant and sexier! And not only to make you happier, but at the same time to have a positive influence on your environment, animal welfare, environment and the planet.



Hi, I’m Merel. Busy, happy, lots of energy and I love cheerfulness and things that are slightly different. Always up for adventure, travel, something spontaneous and I love good food. I enjoy sports a lot and to be strong and powerful in life. I am crazy about my son and I prefer to dance with him all day.

I am also crazy about Tessa, Tim, Rianne, Krakkie and Alissa. I am grateful that with a team like this I can make the world a little more beautiful. Because especially for me: let’s love rule for the animals, the people and the earth!


Hi, my name is Tessa. I live in Amsterdam, but grew up on the beach in Castricum. I met Merel on the first day of our introduction week of the Nutrition & Dietetics study. We have been friends since then, and even though we see each other every day, we never stop talking.

I love discovering new countries and the summer. I can’t do without dark chocolate and green smoothies. There is always a book (or two) next to my bed, about nutrition, health or something around personal development. Since 7 years I eat plant-based and feel very comfortable doing that.


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