Daily Detox Tips: Fat Story

by Tessa Moorman

The Green Happiness Daily Detox

What is the food that makes you feel radiant and energetic? It sometimes seems as if everyone has a different opinion about this. Not surprising because everyone is different, everyone is unique and everyone suits a slightly different way of eating. But if we look carefully, we see that the basis is not that different from each other. And what we see in virtually all natural food streams and traditional eating habits is a form of detox. Simply support the body in the removal of waste and ensure that as many nutrients as possible come in and can be absorbed. How? We have formulated five practical tools for you that we present here. You can read the first three Daily Detox tips here and here. Tip number four is about a well-discussed topic…

Daily Detox Tip #4: Balance your healthy fats

But actually it’s not just about fats. You want to balance all your nutrients (and macronutrients). An excess of one or the other can ultimately cause an imbalance in the body. But what that balance is for you is unique! That can be different per person and even per phase in your life, time in your cycle (for the women) and the time of the year.

The more you get in tune with your own body, the purer and more natural foods you will eat, the better you can sense what your body needs. You may already notice that when it gets colder outside, you crave more hot dishes. Soups instead of salads. You may be more interested in avocado around your period and after intensive exercise you automatically eat a larger meal. What suits you best is what ultimately you van only know best. Mother nature knows best, your body indicates it. It is only up to us to learn to listen to the signals it gives us.

Fats are an important building material for your brain and hormones, among other things. Again choose the healthy (whole food) varieties. So for example chia- & hemp seed, avocado, coconut, nuts. But: don’t overload! We need only a little bit in proportion. Take it easy with adding animal products. Animal products contain no fibers and no water, the digestion time is longer and the body must process more toxic substances. So use this as a seasoning, topping or supplement instead of the main part of your meal. Need inspiration? Check the recipes here.

Follow our 7 day detox program with light meals, filling smoothies, warm soups and healthy snacks. The perfect kickstart to a healthier eating pattern and the way to safely remove waste while getting a maximum amount of new vitamins and minerals.


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